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Putting a picture in the forum


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You can post any picture on the internet if you know its unique url. for instance - click on this 'url' and you are taken straight to the graphic it identifys. This is a 'url' http://www.mortlachsporting.co.uk/flysc ... land45.jpg A great picture taken from a paramotor in Scotland.

If you now take that 'url' and place a piece of forum code on either end of it, the forum here will display that graphic in this location.


How do you discover the url of a graphic?

Right click on the graphic you want to display in your post and select the option that says something like "Copy image location'

When you have done this paste the url into your forum post by bringing the cursor into your post where you want to paste and right click - 'paste'

Then highlight it by double clicking on it.

Then look at the line of little boxes below and click on 20080318-kxys375hcrhc3ygfc25hye6x8g.png

Then you will see the boxes displayed at each end of the url.

Then you press submit in the usual way and there you have it! Now try it for yourself in a new post anywhere... make a new browser window, keep this one open and you can follow the steps on this post. Good luck, its easy when you have done it once or twice.

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