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Top 80 prop constantly spins


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My prop now constantly spins at idle (doesn't matter how low the idle is). I assume the clutch needs replaced, but before I purchase a new one, is there anyway I find out for sure? Is there possibly any way to replace the clutch instead of purchasing a new one? Thanks!

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I had exactly the same problem on mine ,turned out to be one of the clutch springs had snapped ,ordered the parts from sky dragons ,dont think they are in business anymore so youll have to search for a pap dealer,I did the job myself just needs a bit of muscle to fit the spring. :)

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There is a brilliant Yahoo group just for the Top80 engine. You will get a pretty much instant reply from some very knowledgeable people all over the world.

I think that this is the link....


It's one of the many good reasons to have a Top80. If ever I have a problem, it's the first place that I go.

Fly safe,


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