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Polini Thor Wooden Prop.


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Steve I agree Parajet will bend over backwards to get you back in the air ASAP... BUT at the end of the day it comes down too the Engine Manufacture when it's a warranty Issues with there engine...

This Email was sent too me today from Vittorazi...

Dear Mark,

As stated in the user manual, only selected number of carbon propeller from Helix and wooden propeller supplied by us, is suggested to be used with our engines.

The use of different propellers makes the warranty void.

With best regards.


Vittorazi Motors

Web: www.vittorazi.com

Mail: info@vittorazi.com

Skype: vittorazi.motors

Tel/fax: +39 0733 866585

If your motor is in Warranty No matter who makes it i would strongly suggest you keep to the there Spec... You may save £100 on a new prop but It WILL cost you in the long run.

If your motor is out of warranty do what you like...

I am still waiting for Polini to get back to me.. I can guess what they will say :wink:

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Here's a question - Today I've mistakenly been sent a 125cm Thor 200 prop instead of a Thor 100 prop (Helix carbon Morgy :-) ). I leave on our trip tomorrow so that's my spare prop. Has anyone flown the 100 with the 200 prop? It's obviously intended for a more powerful engine so I wonder how it would perform on the 100. I'm assuming the bolt holes match, I can't check as the motor is packed away in its case in the van.

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The Thor 100 has holes 6xM6x50, the Thor 200 normally has 6xM8x75 so it won't fit.

Even If they have supplied you with a Polini Thor 200 prop with 6xM6x50 it would in theory not turn fast enough to give you full thrust,and you would risk overheating your engine.

Sorry I think I may have answered too late

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Even if it did fit you would be over stressing the engine and risk blowing it up... It would not matter if it was a Helix,E-prop or ying tang... Wrong pitch/size

If this is serious and not a joke then i would be on too the dealer who sent you the wrong prop to get one out too you on holiday....

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Morgy thank you for your offer, and your interest in testing some different brands of propellers. I have already spent quite a lot of time researching, testing and visiting different manufacturers and continue to do so. I prefer to do my own testing taking many factors into account. If you also can do this I think you will be surprised of the results.

I do have access to equipment for static thrust testing, but I do wonder……

How useful is static Thrust Testing?

Static thrust testing will give an idea of performance when the machine is static, but in use you are moving through the air, so when you have an air flow of say 40kph hitting the prop the performance should be different.

The best match in static tests, may not be the best match in flight, but it could give a rough idea.

Do you want maximum thrust, or less noise, or best economy? A prop that allows an engine to run at max rpm, and is most efficient at that spin speed will give most thrust, another prop may be more efficient and economical at a slower spin speed such as used in normal level flight.

My conclusion is the static thrust testing gives a rough guide and is interesting but not very useful.

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HI Paul

I am always looking for more thrust and better Eco for comps..

I have spent a fair few £££'s on cheap and expensive props in testing ... I have just come to the conclusion that the manufacturers do allot of testing R&D on props and spec the best props for the job... As Simon W said Everyone is trying to save £££'s in this economic climate so why are they not using cheap props form where ever... "im sure HY Props are top notch"... Why not send them to Polini, Parajet, Vittorazi ,Bailey,etc etc to see if they are willing to use them.


Cheap props are like cheap tyre's "buy cheap buy twice"

Bored now time to go flying !!!! :lol:

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I think most engine manufacturers do not spend a lot of time and money testing different props, they normally have an arrangement with one prop manufacturer who supplies a prop to match the engine, they test it, maybe they tweak it to get the best performance, then they recommend it. If they went to the trouble of testing lots of different props then there would a list of props recommended as suitable for the engine, but they have no incentive to do this, one is enough for them.

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