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Is Anyone Flying with iPad/iPhone & Flight Software


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I'm looking at new vario's.

Specifically I'm wondering if anyone is using an iPad/iPhone with flight software. I'm considering an iPad with a Brauniger Sensbox and either:

Air Navigation http://www.xample.ch/air-navigation/air ... -features/

or FreeFlight http://www.air-avionics.com/air/index.p ... eflight-en

I have 2 questions....

1. How do you stop it getting cold and switching off?

2. Can you see the screen in the sunshine?

If the iPads are not quite there yet, then I'll prob get a Brauniger Competino +.



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I use an iPhone and FlySkyHy. It's excellent and not had any issues yet, lots of info, amazing price and accurate. I also carry a cheap screen pen on a bit of bungee for when wearing gloves.

Not had any issues with it shutting down and use an external battery to drive the phone. Screen glare in not too bad if you can shade the screen a bit.

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Good info folks, the iPhone/Pad has obviously come on a bit.

I was trying my iPhone 3GS with Livetrack up until now, but above about 1000ft in the Irish winter it was turning off & the screen was hard to see. I think the air temp was lowest -3 from memory.

The apple spec's still only say from 0deg+ as operational temp for the iPad.

Afraid to spend the money & regret it when I can live without an iPad in my daily life otherwise.

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