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max weight?

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Hello and welcome to the Paramotor Club :-)

I am not going to lie to you dude, 18st (118kg) is not OTT it is getting to the top end for most school kit but that does not have to stop you flying :-) :-)

Also, If I had a £1 every time someone said that they had lost loads of weight while learning to fly a paramotor I would have an extra hundred quid or so :-)

Again, Welcome.


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No, not too heavy for the equipment, after all there are tandem rigs. More relevant is how fit you are. You don't need to be super fit, but in the learning phase, when you are kiting the wing, you will spend your time in fairly strenuous exercise running with your wing.

So you won't be 18stone for long.

I am 57 and was 17st when I started a year ago, a bit less now, I spin and MTB , so am relatively fit and found the 5days training prior to my first flight was pretty hard work, but just pace yourself.

You've got to give it a go!

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