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I think that Parajet aren't a million miles from you and I'm pretty sure that they use local instructors. You've got two big Schools in the uk with great facilities - one down west run by Mr Westmore (who also happens to run this site / forum and the other is up in Norfolk I think (UKPPG). Sussex Paramotors also have a good reputation. There are a few instructors dotted about that you'll find on internet searches and it's worth ringing about and chatting to a few different schools to see which one you prefer. I would say, don't buy any kit until you've had a chat with a good school and perhaps even a few lessons in case it's not for you or you buy the wrong kit. Any school worth there stuff will lend you good quality kit to train on until you're ready to buy your own.

Once you've found a school, I'm sure other members on here will gladly give you good and honest feed back about them - this forum is the 'oracle' for anyone wanting to Paramotor.

Good luck dude!


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You've got Marston Airfield Market Harborough Clive Mason 07729783989 and Simon Payne on 07738 417 671 in Theme just off the M40

You dont want to be driving too far, as this sport is fragile enough with regards to weather, but the names so far are equally good sites to learn from.

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