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Training or clubs near Southampton?? And some noob advice

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Oh god, another newbie I hear you cry, so sorry!

Hi, my name is Liam and I'm from Southampton. I fly rc planes using a camera and downlink called FPV or first person view, and from that i found paramotoring, why look through a screen when I could be up there myself!

My question is I've looked online and apart from the isle of White the closet training school is over by the M4.

Anybody know of any schools or clubs that could teach me a bit closer??

I had a couple paragliding lessons out in the mountains of France so have a rough idea of how to fly the canopy which should speed things up!

Also, just when looking for equipment second hand, which brands or equipment should I look out for and which should I generally stay away? I'm taking canopy, motor/backpack/propellor contraption thingy!, and a helmet, also anything else I might be missing!

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Thanks Pat, great advice.

I've emailed the website you linked me to to get a rough idea of pricing and what I'm looking at. This is still very early days for me so just making sure I know what to expect and what would be ahead.

On another note, anyone have any links to charts as to what areas are controlled airspace etc?

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`Ello Bowerz,

I`m about 7 miles NE from Soton, i trained last year with Skyshool but in Spain - i wanted to do it in `one hit`, as there was no training available around here locally enough for me and i didn`t want it protracted over several months with much to-ing and fro-ing twixt home and training field. It was sunny, too....

As well as the two sites already mentioned there is also Steve Haze who i believe will be teaching again sometime this year near West Sussex/this side of Chichester?

You`ll have to get out of Southampton Airspace to fly which is from the surface up and extends quite far around the actual airport - the chart makes it look a bit scary but there are plenty of options to fly from;


Depending what side of Soton you live you may have to go out to the Meon Valley for instance, North of Winchester or the New Forest which has a ceiling height of 2000`- although you must not take off or land in the NF...

You can get a chart from here and start learning about your local area.

If you`re serious about PPG, start looking for suitable take-off sites asap - start knocking on farmers doors.

This is all way off at the moment though - your training will cover all this.

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Sky School and also fly Spain if you want to do it in one hit... We have just sent out a customer of ours out to fly spain and has come back with some great feed back.

Fly spain is also BHPA, this means you have a Real rating. :wink: Can't remember is sky school is BHPA or some other

Two weeks in the sun learning or 6 months trying to get a work/weather window...

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Thanks guys, well I'm in Botley, I couple miles from me we have a Microlight airfield who are always flying overhead causing issues when we fly RC aircraft. were supposed to have an agreement they don't come below 600ft over our field but sometimes they're easily knocking on 200!

I'll take a look at some maps etc. And the pricing! As I said I'm still very early days in this and just an idea!

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