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What size Revo2?


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I am looking to buy my first wing and really like the Revo2 as i feel it will be a good beginner wing but still have room go grow my skills.

I am confused by the very wide weight range quoted on their website

http://paramania.com/index.php?option=c ... cle&id=152

I weigh 73kg and have seen a 20m size small for sale near to where i live up north. I dont have a motor so cannot give an exact AUW.

Can anyone answer a couple of questions?

1. Are you better to be at the bottom, middle or top of the stated weight range for PPG?

2. At 73kg could i assume an estimated AUW of about 115kg would i be better with the 23m wing or would the 20m be okay?

I am on a budget so cannot afford a new wing.

Thanks in advance.

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That wing is way too small for a new pilot...

Hi Morgy, can you elaborate on how wing size and pilot weight translates to a wing that is easy to handle and hard to collapse etc? I have collected fragments of information but have not seen a proper explanation of how these interact i.e. wing size, reflex or not and wing loading.

Thanks in advance.

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If you are heavy on a wing:

It will be less susceptible to collapse, but will be a more dynamic collapse if it does.

Light on the wing:

The wing will be more susceptible to collapse, but will be a less dynamic event than the above.

The very best option for any pilot is to be in the middle of the wings weight range where possible.

Option 2 would be 'top of the range'

Option 3 would be 'lower end of the range'

Other differences include:

The smaller the wing, the faster the take off and landing. (small wings are harder to launch in nil wind for this reason)

A larger wing will create lift at less speed.

A smaller wing will be 'twitchy' when compared to a larger one.

Hope this helps.


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I am 80kg and had a 23 revo 2, it was very easy to launch and rock solid in the air, quite responsive, but the downside was my fuel burn was quite high, especially in fast trim, if I was going for another I would go for the 26 as a better all rounder.

if you are not dead set on a revo2 have you considered the synth2, I have heard some very good things about that wing.

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I am open to any suggestions. My goal is to bimble around my local area enjoying the view and when i am more experienced undertake some XC flights.

To be honest my head is spinning from all the options!

In terms of budget it is largely influenced by what i can get past my wife :) i can always tell her i need to buy new because it is safer :)

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I wouldn't totally agree on smaller wings being harder to launch in nill wind.

If you go too small then yes, I agree it's way to fast to launch in nill wind.

Having gone smaller, I find it easier to launch in all winds from nill upwards. The wing has shorter lines and less cloth, it pops up over my head much easier than dragging a large wing up. I do have to run a bit more and use some brake.

I have managed to launch with a light tail wind, I would never have attempted that with a larger wing.

For experienced I would say smaller is easier.

For beginners, which is easier on launch?

Bigger slower wing, giving time to put in correct reactions and less technique required or smaller wing which pops easily over your head but requires a dab of brake and quicker legs?

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