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Throttle left hand or right??


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I use my right simply because thats where the manufacturer mounted and routed the cable.

Also has anyone ever tried a mouth throttle as used on the doodle bug hang gliding power unit?

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Most of the NI guys actually got stuck on the left hand throttle because they all started with Adventure gear. It does make sense though, in the fact that most cameras and camcorders are ergonomically designed for right hand use. H&E and PAP will build the machine to suit whichever hand you specify at time of order. If you need to convert a machine over, this can be done, but there may be a difference in cable length, and the cruise control wingnut will be on the wrong side.

Throttle hand will also influence which side you turn when reverse launching. A collegue went out to train in Spain last year, but he used the school equipment out there... when he came back to try and fly, he insticnivly turned right after pulling the wing round, but as his throttle was on the left, then this was awkward.

Is the turn direction in reverse launches also governed by the torque direction- this is different on gear and belt drive machines.... and if you're machine has a clutch, then in theory the torque will have no influence.... but as i said, if you learn on an Adventure, then old habits stick.


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