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Training UK or abroad?

Guest chambo

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So I'm Owen, and totally new to Paramotoring. I have looked on jealously at people flying over my house, and finally have another cash together to get some kit and training. I've not got much idea of where to start with it all, but I was wondering about combining a holiday and some paramotoring training; i've seen a few places in Spain that look very professional, although being a newbie to the sport, I don't exactly know who or who not to go with. I'd also be really happy to get involved with a UK club; I live in South Cheshire.

Without getting too technical here, has anyone got any recommendations regarding clubs near to be (I've seen on the BHPA website a couple of clubs about 25 miles from my house). I was thinking of wandering over at some point, but to be honest, I'd just as rather get totally stuck into some intensive training, and decide at the end of it whether I want to carry on or not haha!.

Also, as a total side question, do you have to take off from specific sites, or if you have permission can take off from anywhere? I live very close to a number of farmers fields, and know I could approach them to use the land for the odd take off. I'm also quite close to a Microlight club. And another question; how much take off and landing space do you need? I've seen various figures.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any advice you can give! Cheers!

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Going to Spain for your training is actually MORE of a gamble than staying in the UK.

It is very very easy to go to Spain for a week and not fly because it's too thermic or too windy.

At least if you do it in the UK you are not restricted to trying to get a week of decent flying weather. :-)

Hope this helps.


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I went for a taster glider day in Derbyshire, and LOVED IT! Went from 20ft winches to 80ft self releases over the day; really good experience! Now onto some Paramotoring..

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There are pro's and con's to both... :wink:

If you go too Spain in the early or late part of the year your more than likely too get it finished. If your going for a weeks course allow two weeks :wink: If you get it finished in the first week you might be able to do some flying!!

Training in the UK can also been too thermic windy or wet.

Plus side of UK training you can always just pop down to see your local instructor for advice or refresher if needed.

You might be allowed to use there site to fly from too gain experience and fly with others.

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