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The Velocity Elektra wing from Paratoys...


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Gday all,

So I am getting this wing (assuming it shows up after a couple weeks in the Mexican postal system), and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on it? Reviews and/or opinions outside of the manufacturers are hard to come by and I was wondering if anyone else here had oflown one.

Also form the people who know, what do you think of it for a beginner like myself?

Here are the specs for anyone interested in having a look http://velocityparagliders.com/velocity-elektra-paraglider/

Cheers and happy Monday to those who work!


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Sorry to say that it's a wing that has not made it into the mass market (hence the lack of replies I suspect)

That in it's self would concern me, but hey... it may be a gem!

Personally, I would stick to the main manufactures for Paramotor Kit. Dudek, Paramania, Ozone, Apco.

Welcome to the Paramotor Club!! :-)


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