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Fell over and twisted my knee today, got dragged and damaged my walllet also. But Parajet fixed me up on my way home, new prop and cage part. Remember now why (1 reason) I use their motor, they are my local corner shop!

What a plonker, wrong launch technique for the conditions, and it all went so well on thursday in stronger wind too!

Might post the event on you-tube when my leg is feeling strong enough to bear weight of the derision :D:D

Thanks to the boys (and girls) at the site for your moral support and kind words. :oops::oops::oops:


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Well, Dan, its stiff and sore but useable, might go soaring later, some gentle ridge lift with no motor to carry.

My Phaeton is very 'cleverly' designed to protect the passenger from (in particular) tipping over and getting dragged and it works very well......what I have paid less attention to is the safety of the Pilot! there is potential (now experienced - ouch) for the pilots leg to have lateral pressure applied at each end with the side of the craft acting as a fulcrum at the knee..... I need to redesign the fuselage to prevent this possibility.

Back to the drawing board on that one.

On a brighter note the tandem bar works beautifully and was tested by another experienced tandem pilot on Thursday, who gave it a thumbs up. I am confident that with much practise over the next month I will consider myself fit to fly camera operators and sponsors by the 1st/2nd March.

"Currency" is the singlemost important safety feature of our sport!


Just for clarity......... no animals were hurt in the making of this error!

Tandem paramotoring is not an "approved activity" with the BHPA and there is no Tandem Paramotor Pilot's license as such with the BMAA (although Instructors are permitted to use this as a teaching tool).

My experiments do not (yet) include the use of a "live" victim as passenger. Water ballast of 75kg was used on Saturday. The weight of the water on my foot and my own weight at the the top of my leg, laid over the fuselage side at my knee caused a lateral pressure on my crucix ligament (already weak from other unrelated sport injury).

All experiments are conducted on private land and third party risks are covered.

I invite constructive criticism in the form of "peer review" and aim to prove a system that will satisfy (valid) critics of tandem paramotoring that it should be:- insurable, safe for the passenger (at least as safe as tandem PG), acheivable by licensed tandem PG pilots and compliant with legistlation (SPHG)

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