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old guy wants to fly

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Your advice would be most welcome, although I’m sure somewhere on this forum these questions have been asked many times.

I’m a 55 yr old guy who has this on his to do list before he dies (bit sombre I know) :D but there we are.

I’ve had a couple of very basic lessons in paragliding (not been off the ground) but this entailed almost a 200 mile round journey, this was mainly to do with a British weather that I never got further.


Is it best to learn how to paraglide properly first before moving on to paramotoring, or go straight into a paramotoring course?


If its best to learn how to paraglide first, I’ve been looking at http://www.flyspain.co.uk/

Any reviews/advise about taking something like this up?

Many thanks in advance


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From one old guy (58) to another....No and No. Go straight to Paramotoring. Although I did have some old paragliding experience it counted for very little

If you want chapter and verse of the journey, see my blog on this site.


If you don't, just get signed up, straight away. Weather is just starting to turn , now. In fact if you found somewhere to learn committed next week to getting started it is a real possibility you will be in the air by next weekend. I started on a Sunday and flew the next Saturday.

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I'm based on Anglesey, North Wales.......had a few days with Steve @ Mid Wales Paramotoring in Aberystwyth, enjoyed what I did and Steve was brilliant.....just the weather let us down.


I trained with Steve Griff a few years ago, he's a top man. It's almost certain he'll be out teaching all this week with the weather looking good so give him a call. He has school motors and wings to use. Good luck :D
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