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Parajet V2 Macro 3 Bladed Prop Required


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Paul Deakin of ParamotorPropeller.com has been very helpful and offered the prop below, pointing out, though that the reduction rates differ between the Corsair and the Macro.

If I have my calcs right the Macro reduction rate is 3.2, (147mm/46mm) that seems like a pretty significant difference from 2.6 of the Corsair.

All else being equal the Macro prop will be spinning 20% slower than the Corsair. Does that mean 20% less thrust?

Opinions please?

He writes:

"According to the Parajet web site the XT engine produces 22hp @ 7800 rpm, so it has the same torque as the Corsair M25y but the reduction is slightly different.

The best match I have is model Corsair M25y, 2.6 reduction, 120cm - carbon fibre, 2 piece, (6xM8x75) Model number L120-S2-05AA-C.

Which you can order from here: http://paramotorpropeller.com/JPX%20Cor ... fault.html

In stock."

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Well, Thanks a lot..........Vlad. No Parajet Macro blades for the time being because they're finished off in ..........................The Ukraine.

Either true or the best excuse I've ever heard.

That's the bad news, however there is a Helix equivalent available at a bit more money from PJ and they're made by Ze Germans......best get one ordered before they get invaded aswell!

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