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A Question For Vittorazi Engine Owners


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My Vittorazi Easy 100 is currently using around 5L of fuel per hour so its obviously being very thirsty. I have not checked the carb settings yet as I would like to know how others are using their engines so if you use a Vittorazi Easy100 or Fly100evo, how is your carb set up?

I don't want to set them at standard operation just yet as I would like to know how other users have theirs set at.

Please ONLY answer this if you fly with these engines.

Vittorazi Manual:

http://www.papteam.com/objetos/seccion_ ... _vitto.pdf

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Hi Wallboy. I have an Fly Evo 100, fly a Speedster 28 and I weigh 90kg. I get 3 litres/hr with trimmers and doing about 35kph. With trimmers out I use 5litres/hr doing about 53kph. The wing you use will make a big difference to fuel consumption. So you really need find someone who uses the same wing as you to get comparisons. I don't know much about setting up carburettors but just adjust the screw until my spark plug is medium brown.



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Thanks guys :)

I didn't think the wing would really have an effect on the fuel consumption buy hey, you learn something new every day. The wing I currently fly does not not have trimmers and the weather has been too rubbish to get out my new paramotor wing to compare against my older wing.

I changed the spark plug on the motor about 5 hours ago so I will have to check it and see what its like now.

Maybe I should just invest in a larger tank so I haven't got to keep worrying and checking my fuel so often :)

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I think fuel/distance is a better measurement as we can go from 30-65km/h with todays gliders and the speed makes a big difference to fuel/time but not much on fuel/distance.

I measured my Easy 100 to around 0.7-0.8l/10km on my speedster 19m at 95kg hook in.

My previous engine which where a Radne 120 used about 1l/10km with an Ozone Buzz 23m.

I think that 1l/10km is a pretty average figure so if you're close to that you don't need to worry.

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