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help in chosing a GPS and Verio


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Hi all Im looking for a GPS and Verio :?

I have serched the net and Garmin do several types but still non the wiser :oops: I would like somthing that is easy to use with gloves on ,it would also be nice to have a back track system on it should I get completly lost :lol:

As for a Verio well I don't even know where to start.

Any info on this would be a grate help to me.

Happy flying Mark

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Thank you for the link to GPS tips it has given me a better insight into what is avalible and what is a useable tool for navgating

At the moment I am useing a Stomsheild ORIGO watch with altimeter and compass, a map and a car compass which is velcroed to my front reserve :)

Maybe sometime in the future I will get to meet some of the friendy people on this forum at one of the many flyins orgarnized :D:D

Happy Flying Mark

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I bought the garmin emap off ebay,they are a couple years old now but I think they are exellent,big screen,track back loads of other features and not bad for about £70, Alti/Vario I got the flytec 6005 from fly bubble for about £160 again many features that I havent used yet but well pleased with it. good luck


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:D Thanks for all your replies :D this forum is a hive of information which has been a great help in choosing the right tool for the job 8) THANK YOU ALL for your replies

Any one using this forum as an informatin base will find an answer to just about anything what a great site :wink:

Many Regards & Happy Flying


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