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Where to buy service kits for Bing carb?

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Hi Tom,

There's very little to go wrong with the Bing carb. It's a float bowl carb with a tapered needle that controls the fuel flow. There is an adjustment tab on the outside which sets the idle speed.

There is a choke lever that should be used on startup, then cancel it after 5-10 seconds.

Just unclip the float bowl at the bottom and make sure there is no debris in the filter recess. The little cylindrical mesh filter is only really there to stop the fuel sloshing about, the carb will work without it.

The needle will show some wear after a lot of hours but it's no big deal.

If you want to transport the motor on its side then empty the float bowl into the tank, screw the sealing cap on and you're good to go.

Cheers, Alan

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