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Paramotor Magazine.....a Big Thanks.


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I just want to say a great big thank you to Paramotor Magazine.

I did not receive issue 40 in the mail. I am old fashioned and I still like to have a real magazine in my hands. Since I live in Thailand, the postal service here is not all up to scratch, and quite often I hear of mail being "lost".

So just to make sure, I sent an enquiring email to Paramotor Magazine asking if they could check their records and confirm that they sent me the magazine....if so, then I'll just put it down to another "lost" item in the Thai postal system.

Celine, who responded to my email was very helpful. She tried to send me another issue 40, to replace my lost one, but then she was told by her shipping services department that there were no more issue 40's available. So then she sends me the connection page to Zino, so I can electronically download issue 40 and read it on my computer. Not only that, she added one more subscription to my account free of charge....all for my inconvenience....which was by no fault of the magazine.

So once again thanks to Paramotor Magazine, I cannot praise them high enough.



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