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Tip to Tip funding e.t.c


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In the interest of clarity, below is a quick Tip to Tip accounts / fund raising status, and a short explination of the event t-shirts.

The T-Shirts can only be purchased from Ade Gorsts website.

They cost £20 per T-shirt. £5 from each sale is sent to me at the end of each month and so far 5 have sold making a total of £30 of donations which is in the bank as I type.

The main funding for the event is coming from company sponsors who are giving a minimim of £5k to brand a wing for the flight.

Out of this £5k we will need to buy a wing (I am currently talking to or have already spoken to, EVERY PPG wing company to find the best possible deal for this purchase.

After the event the wings will be DE-badged and auctioned. The money from this auctions will add towards the total donation fund.

Any other costs are being kept to a minimum (hence asking everyone to buy one T-shirt each and to pay for there own accomadation (£25) during the training)

I am of course happy to keep ALL detals of the finances for this event public for all who have donated or are involved to see.

Total donation fund in bank for Tip to Tip as at today = £2460 !! Which is great! (this in not inclusive of any sponsor form donations which will will not get until after the event and so can not use it as a working capital)

Total spend so far = £270

Stickers & Posters, £210 (trade price reduction from £390)

10 x Tip to Tip mugs for pilots and sponsors £60

I will of course provide full accounts to the main sponsors, and indeed everyone will have access to them after the event.

I should add that no one involved is getting paid.

PLEASE ask if you have concernes regarding the Tip to Tip donation fund, and help out if you think I have missed something.

Cheers all.


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