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Strobe Mounting Position


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It looks secure. The wire over the top seems a little naff though....

Have you put that there to guide the lines over it?

If so, in that position you will find that with forward launches it will give you no problems at all.

During a reverse however.... your lines may get snagged when you turn around and I am not sure that adding a wire is a good enough solution.

I have spent hours and hours trying to work out a decent place for the strobe on a Macro and the best place I came up with was having the strobe body, (inside) your airbox.

A bit of careful cutting and a glue gun and its job done. No you don't get the the same light 'exposure' but its as good as it gets and offer no problems with lines and so on IMO.


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Easy answer Pat, mount it upside down so it doesn't protrude above the cage.

The visibility straight up is compromised but the wing does that anyway.

My strobe is above the cage at the top but the only time I snag lines is when the launch has gone tits up anyway :?

Apart from when I snapped two lines because I wasn't on the kill switch quick enough and a few lines got wound around the prop, silly mistake, we all make them.

Cheers, Alan

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I know this thread is a year old, but now i have my first paramotor and an identical strobe left over from my Microlight i sold i would like to fit it.

I would be interested in seeing how to mount it and the final solution.

If you can take a photo and some info that would be great.


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If you do end up with a Micro Avionics one make sure you tell Eddie that its going on a Paramotor.

Mine popped a few times and after a while he did something to the guts of it to stop it going pop again.. :-) (it was a vibration issue)


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I have been thinking about getting one of these strobes for a while now, and would like to know what type of battery you use Pat, also is it connected so that it charges off the engine.
3S Lipo
sorry missed the second bit, no, it doesn't charge off the engine , it only draws 600mA, IIRC.
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Giving this an update, having actually had a need to use it, on a very overcast evening in Cornwall.

And by chance GeoffW was down here and walking back from the pub and reported that its what made him notice me flying at more than a mile distant, so it's going some way to do the job. In addition I fitted the side "repeaters" as described elsewhere on here by AlanK, viewtopic.php?p=68791#p68791

Geoff said these were clearly visible too.

Finally, however Heath Robinson you think the wire over the strobe looks, I can report it is completely effective in ensuring the lines ride over it during reverse launches. I think that is due to the wire ends being bound onto the underside of the cage member, giving a completely smooth surface/transition should the lines go there.

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