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This is not the way to land a paramotor.

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Ouch! No injuries I hope?

I have a synth 34 and fly at the top of the weight range. I had a similar landing when I first flew it. I've found that the trimmers need to be fully in to slow the wing down and a big early flair (well, certainly early compaired to me Paraglider anyway) seems to be the ordered the day.

I love the wing though - it's solid as a rock and has never once scared me!



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I also have a Synth (31) ,am right at the top of the weight range and come in quite fast.

Your video looks similar to what i imagine some of my landings are like - it`s 50/50 whether i keep on my feet.

On my first flight on the Synth after my training (using the school equipment) i did a perfect landing and thought, `i had a feeling this wing would be easy to land`. Wrong!

I seem to hit the ground hard, my legs fold and i fall forward!

There`s no issue with the wing, it`s just a question of me getting the right techniques.

Trouble is, when flights are sometimes weeks apart it can be difficult to remember what you did wrong last time/the feel of the last landing and what you wanted to try next time...

I really need to spend a whole day just taking off and landing until i suss it.....

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Thanks for sharing the video George, we can all learn from mistakes made not only by ourselves but also others.

Just from my armchair, looks like you didn't have any flair authority......I could only detect a small movement in your arms.

Glad you are ok to fly another day.



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