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Northern ireland to scotland flight!

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Assuming zero wind and a nominal glide ratio of 7:1 i reckon an altitude of about 10500`would do it?

14 miles x 5280 (ft/mile) / 7 = 10560` - exactly 2 miles.

Factor in your own safety margin....

Let us know when you`re about to do it Ganers, and make sure you do a video!

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The guys that did it had speed boats following them and flotation aids.... not sure if they also had survival suits... In terms of regulations- I don't believe there are any special restrictions.... you are within a National FIR region so you don't need to cross any international boundarys.

When you think about it- it's only 14 miles (Torr Hd to the Mull of Kintyre).... many of you would fly further on any typical flight... but there is something very daunting about wide open sea beneath you!

If it were done with a good tail wind, you'd do it in no time...

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A few other routes may be worth consideration also-

Larne-Portpatrick: This is only 22 miles, but Luce Bay may be subject to restrictions if NOTAMS are raised.

Wicklow-Aberdaron (Caernarfon): 53 miles, but you need to cross an international FIR- not a problem in theory- but legally a flight plan would be required.

Rosslare-Fishguard: 47 miles- again a flightplan would be needed.

The main advantage in going Torr Head to Kintyre- is that you can see the destination from the take off point..... although navigation shouldn't be a problem- it's a lot more reassuring if you can see where you're going.

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