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Sam in Training

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I started my training last year after seeing a Paramotor over the river Deben in Suffolk. I've always loved this part of the east coast on the water and thought it would be great to see it from the air, what better way to do it than by using a PPG. I live in Norwich so I'm currently in training with Karl at Norfolk Paramotors. I've bought a Dudek Nucleon 32 wing and a Bailey JPX 330 motor (yes who ate all the pies). The motor is in great condition and very powerful although I'm told parts for this engine are a little hard to come by these days. I'll just have to make sure I don't perform a circus cartwheel when coming into land and damage my prop!

I've had my first flight, EPIC! The weather hasn't been that great for training for a while now so i've started up a new hobbie its called 'Staring at your paramotor with your mates in a cold garage'....don't think its going to catch on somehow.

Looking forward to this year and becoming fully trained. I'm glad I found this forum its very helpful with lots of information.



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Thanks Guys

I'm based just outside of Norwich (Poringland) does anyone know of a field I could use to launch/land in locally? What's the general response from farmers when being asked to use their fields as a launch site? There's plenty of good fields around here its just knowing which farmer they belong to.


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From my experience it was really difficult. Soon as I explained what I did most if the farmers stated they only rented the land and didn't want to risk upsetting the landlord.

I've finally got on field I can use but that's looking shaky now. I know this has been discussed previously with a disclaimer attached to the thread if you have a search through the site.

Best advice is just keep trying.

Cheers Lee

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I have arrangements with several farmers, all are supportive and friendly. I give each a bottle of Scotch as annual payment and aerial pics for the wall sometimes. I also report back if I see anything relevant to them like injured lambs or broken fences, which goes down very well. One land owner gave me permission to fly from their land via their agent whom I tracked down, the land owner has never even met me.

Keep trying, most people are fine if you are straight with them. Just avoid national parks, etc. as their bureaucracy and irrational fears of litigation know no bounds.

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Hi all from Canada and parawaiting is very popular here these days. -28 Celsius and waiting for it to warm up.

As far as finding sites to fly from, it really is hit and miss. The winter is great here because we take off from the ice covered lakes and rivers, foot launch and trikes. I've been lucky where I have been approached by curious local on-lookers near my cottage (where I was taking off from a sand pit) and came up to speak with me and ask questions. By the time the conversations were over and I was packing my gear i had received two different field location offers.

Every few months I drop in to say hi to the owners with booze in hand or an offer to help mend fences and they love it. I have also taken aerial photos of their properties and enlarged and framed them as gifts ($30 Cdn).

The number one thing to remember is to not overstay your welcome. Set up, take off and leave the area. Don't drive on their fields, scare animals, leave gates open, leave trash etc...repect is key.

Enjoy this new sport, it is a lifetime adventure!

Cheers and happy new year!


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"now so i've started up a new hobbie its called 'Staring at your paramotor with your mates in a cold garage'....don't think its going to catch on somehow."

Add free beer and the hobby will grow faster then you could imagine!

To the other Canadian (Patrick).... Taking Booze to a farmer works magic and the photo's are a great Idea!!!

You know once he hangs the picture everyone the enters the house will have to here the story of how it got it!!!!! lol

Simon there is an idea that might work really well for some of your site owners.

Welcome to the forum Sam

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