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Paramotor Hire

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Hi all I'm a wanabee paramotor pilot looking for some advise please.

Just like a few of you out there I dream of being able to take to the air but one thing holds me back :?: no its not the wife this time :lol:

MONEY :twisted: I have asked the question? Do I save up for my lessons and a paramotor? or do I save for my lessons then once i've done that save for a paramotor, down side is I could loose the skills to fly before I have saved up for a paramotor.

So my idea is if I take the lessons then once completed I save for a paramotor but while doing that I hire a paramotor once or so a month.

Sounds ok to me but does anyone hire paramotors? I'm in the yorkshire area.

Any help / advise will be appreciated


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I am sure that whatever school you go to will let you fly the kit once a month until you got yourself sorted. :-) If you ask the question before you stump up for your training as a 'potential customer' they are more likely to agree too it.

If you have a dream... just start the ball rolling and follow it. :-)


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