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Bailey Vist


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An interesting thread to read will be the pro's and con's between the "Hornet" and the "V5 S".

Which one to choose?

An early assumption is that the Hornet will be as reliable as the V5, which I think is at the top of the list for anybody....reliability.

But I am a just a humble spectator at this stage. Yet still keen on hearing the "arguments" on both sides.


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Hi Jacool

The hornet i think i a great name.. Its going to give the Polini a run for it's money for sure..

To me it sounds like a 250cc 2 stroke MX bike... Very revy and with very smooth power delivery like the V5. IMO it is fairly quiet. How quiet up against the V5 is hard to tell as its a totally different sound. and i have taken no DB readings.

next to the V5 S that has a new exhaust system that includes wadding like a 2 stroke and different style baffles, combine this with the new E prop to reduce DB reading as well.. This should make the V5S very quite indeed..



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The Price of the Bailey Chassis hornet is £5750 and will be the same price as the New V5S...

I have seen thrust figures around the 72-73kg the same as my Moster and on the day a Polini thor 200 @70kg...

I would say when on cruise the Hornet does have a sound close to the Thor. but not the same. I flew it with my slalom helmet on without ear plugs "i can't do that with my moster"

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