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Flying paramotor in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil

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where are you guys in Rio? I'm in Vitoria ES

We should get together one weekend!


Most of us live in Rio de janeiro city; South zone and Barra da Tijuca.

We use to fly in Saquarema, Buzios, Cabo Frio, Arraial do Cabo areas (1-2 hours far) and of course here in Rio.

If you are able in Portuguese you can follow us in ParamotoRio on Face book.



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To be honest, I am surprised. He has clearly had a brave pill and is now wondering what I am going to do to repay the comment :twisted:

I have the legal info I need now but it would be great to have it confirmed by someone in situ


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Can someone please tell me the law in Brazil regarding flying a paraGLIDER for a visiting pilot.



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hope I could clarify a bit. I live in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro city.

What I can say is that Paragliding and Paramotor are considered as "free-flight" by the National authority - ANAC. They don't care and/or assume any responsibility. Thus, overall view you can fly wherever you want since not prejudicing other people. Of course limited to the areas that not impact commercial air-traffic.

Despite that, we have pilots associated to some National associations like ABVL, and/or ABP that claim the rights to rule the sport. In the States we have "local clubes" affiliated/subordinated to the two first that more or less try to follow those rules. For the most they request Pilots to present the "Pilots ID" (ABVL or ABP recognized) for allowing them to take off at their sites. Normally at private propriety hills/sites. But, in another hands there are LOTS of places/hills/beaches/farmers that nobody take care about it. You can go and fly with your friends without needing to present any "ID".

Here in Rio, with you want to fly for example in Sao Conrado-Pedra Bonita site (very famous place), above Sao Conrado beach, only presenting a Pilot ID (not problem if you from Europe, USA,...). But, Rio country side, practically you can fly anywhere without any ID.

Please, specify where are you planning to visit in Brazil and what you want to do. So I can give a better answer.



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Sorry I was away traveling. I'm a member of the HGFA but have never had to present anything here in Brazil free flying/paramotor. Agreed here in Victoria as long as you do not impact the commercial traffic no one will care and there is no real formed body governing the sport.

We actual fly withing the normal restricted commercial zone here in Victoria. We have one beach that is half a click from the airport. We keep below the main high rises but still fly here no issue.

As for take offs "any beach will do" We actually self govern ourselves and new pilots to take care of beach goers to avoid accidents.

From where I see it the Brazil government is to busy robbing tax $ from the people to be concerned about some guys flying around with little motors on their backs.


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