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For those Pilots who are interested In comp's or who would like to Get there PIlot Rating with the BHPA, I have contacted Michel Carnet X multiple world champion and british champion.

You can do.....

BHPA Powered Club Pilot (Power) or

Pilot (Power) Exam, there will be a lecture on Saturday 16 November in

Haslemere, Surrey.

Starting at 11:00, the lecture will cover all the theory for the BHPA

exams, up to the Pilot (Power) exam. There are 4 exam sections:

- Meteorology

- Airlaw

- Principles of flight and aircraft general

- Airmanship and Navigation

The aim of the lecture is not simply to help you remember the theory with a

view to pass the exam, but rather to make sure you understand every single

topic, and appreciate why it is part of the syllabus in the first place.

Theory is notoriously a pet hate for many pilots, and it really does not

have to be. Often, candidates struggle with the wording of the exam

questions, and there will assistance to make sure that all questions are

well understood.

After the lecture, at around 17:00, you will have the opportunity to sit a

BHPA exam paper if you feel ready for it. Club Pilot (Power) exams are in

stock, but Pilot (Power) exams have to be specifically ordered in your name

from the BHPA.

Pilots who already fly paramotors can join the BHPA through the Alternative

Entry to the Pilot Rating scheme.

The cost is £35 per pilot.

Please enquire off-forum if you are interested, require more details or

would like to be informed of other lecture dates.

Best regards,

Michel Carnet


07802 73 77 94

There may be one Further up north if there is the interest...

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