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Cameleon Throttle


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It has an engine on and off and a sprung electric start / smoke system / whatever button, cleverly designed so that you can turn the motor on and off with your thumb but not start it accidentally with the same hand, it also has a nifty cruise control.

I just bought mine but haven't fitted it yet as I want to ground handle the wing with it on to make sure it's not going to get snagged at all, can't see how it will but want to make sure before I fit it.

Strapping it to my hand and playing with it though and I'm really impressed.


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Thanks to everyone for replying,

Basically, I would like to change the throttle on my Fresh Breeze Monster. I have had a few paramotors in my time and the FB throttle is a load of rubbish in my opinion. It looks bad, it feels bad. But I also think that the majority of paramotors use a throttle system that looks old fashioned and not very aviation minded. Some even resemble push bike technology.

So to me, that is a good reason to try the Cameleon. It does seem innovated even though I have recently read mixed opinions about this throttle.

The other question I have, the FB uses a Bing carb. Therefore, I would probably have to change the throttle cable on the Cameleon to accept the Bing. I have a spare cable, would this be easy to do?

One last thing, I would like to ask Badger where he bought his Cameleon from?

Thanks again,


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