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Neoprene gloves


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Funny you should mention these gloves - i suffer from cold hands and have been thinking on what to wear during winter flights and thought of neoprene gloves as they might be warm,snug but give adequate feeling with which to fiddle about with paramotor stuff..

Went to a dive shop and tried some on - yep, 3mm is about as thick as you`d want to go but the ones i was going to buy were not in stock at my size...

Sounds like they might not be suitable anyway, going by the replies here..

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Avoid Neoprene :!:

My tips based on a couple of very cold Bosnia winter tours and a good few years of winter flying are:

1. Warm up your hands BEFORE you put your gloves on. (the quickest way to do this is to swing your arms around in full circles as fast as you can without popping your arms out! lol) this draws blood from your core into your hands very quickly.

Most people will get the motor out, put it together and get cold hands before they have even started flying. Get there 5 mins early, put your motor together, and then warm your hands up again before take off. :-)

1.1 Use the time to drink a hot brew.

2. Slightly more obviously, warm up your gloves also. Even just not leaving them in the car overnight makes a massive difference to comfortable air time in the winter months.

3. get to a safe height, get the trimmers out, and put your hands below your heart at least once every 5 mins for 30 secs. In the proper cold winter months this can extend your comfortable flying time by a good 30 mins.

Just think warm, run about, warm your body up, eat hot food, get your blood flowing, do the above or at least close.... :-) :-) Its all good!

Winter flying is awesome!


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I stick a hand warmer in each glove ages before I need them, the gloves are toasty when you put them on and it makes a big difference (especially if you have great gloves like the Gin Alpines).

I'm also a diver so have loads of different types and thicknesses of neoprene gloves. I tried experimenting a few years ago and couldn't even get any of them to keep hands warm on my mountain bike in winter, let alone at altitude (the neoprene mitten seemed the least cold but that would be useless for flying). I think having a layer of air around your hands makes a big difference and neoprene doesn't give you that plus I don't think it really helps with circulation as they are supposed to be a snug fit.

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I get really cold hands (bad circulation), and have tried many many glove combinations.

I recently got Black Diamond Soloist Lobster Gloves (3+1), they are a bit bulky but the single finger means I've got enough dexterity for flying, they've been good so far but I haven't subjected them to Scottish winter flying yet.

I plan to use disposible hand warmers and fleece glove liners when it gets cold.

Simon M

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