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Although not a paramotor pilot, I fly a powerhangglider with a sky floated wing so performance-wise, it is similar to a paramotor. Whilst out flying today I bumped into a paramotor pilot who was on this group. He told me that there were quite a few paramotor pilots on this group who are local to me (Marlow-Buckinghamshire-UK). I am always interested in flying from new sites with new people (its nice when there is a few of you taking photos of each other) so if there are any of you, local to me, who dont mind me tagging along then either email me direct jimbobheath@hotmail.com or contact me on this group.

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Hi James,

Welcome to the forum, it was good to meet you the other day down at the airfield.

I enjoyed our little chat about flying, I'm sure that when the lads 'n' lasses local to you, read your post, they will introduce themselves and you can all exchange landing/take-off locations.

I'm pleased that you enjoyed you flight, especially flying that silky air at 1,500ft above the inversion. :D



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Hi James, what power unit do you fly with on your skyfloater?

I have just learnt to hang glide and am keen to use a power unit. I am wondering if anyone has used a paramotor unit on a hang glider?


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