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2 stroke mixture

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Me has read some where solo 210 run in at 25 to 1 after three hours 30 to 1 wish i had saved it now.i recently had mine apart to clean the decompression port out which wasn,t blocked and found the engine to be generaly very sticky,using castrol power 1 racing oil .just wondered weather anyone else thought the same

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Alan is bang on. Always turn to the manufactures manual information. Information on the web can sometimes be misleading and highly opinionated. The web is filled with aspiring einstein's lol

From Manual;


The Solo 210 engine features a composite propeller that is available in two cage diameter sizes, 110 cm and 122 cm. This engine uses a high-mounted, large gas tank for long flights and easier fuel delivery.


The Solo 210 has a 210-cubic-centimeter, two-stroke, one-cylinder engine. The tank holds 2.9 gallons (11 liters) and the engine runs on a 50-to-1 pre-mix of unleaded 93-octane auto fuel and oil. The Solo 210 reaches a maximum horsepower of 15 at 6,000 revolutions per minute, and a compression ratio of 10.6-to-1. The dry weight of this engine is 28 lbs.

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