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Stating out, any advice please

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Hi there i'm new to this! i have been wanting to get into this sport for a few years and never had enough information to follow it trough!

Can people advise me on what sort of equipment would suit me? so far i have heard pap are good reliable para motors and also the solo 210 engine is a rock solid reliable motor. and what sort of wings should i be looking out for?

I live in Spain half of the time so would like to fly it there too! do anyone know of any schools/lessons close to the Javea region? if not im flying back to the UK in a week or two so do anyone know of any para motor schools or lessons in kent, essex or west mauling too?

Thanks in advance! :wingover::dive:

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Hi Daniel

Look-up Sky School - they're in the UK at the moment but do most of their training at a very nice airfield in Spain. A long way north of you I'm afraid, Catalunia, but might suit you. I believe they train on Parajet gear which is the very good kit.


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Hi Daniel,

Welcome to paramotoring. I hope you find what you're looking for.

On training. Given the weather we're having at the moment, it may not be a bad idea to do your training in Spain. Flyspain is quite a good school in Algodonales, between Malaga and Seville. Ironically it's easy to get to from your part of the UK since there are cheap flights to Malaga and the school picks you up at the airport. It's probably a 6 hour drive for you if you're already in the Javea region, but with these type of courses you pretty much treat it as a holiday anyway. Skyschool is definitely another one you should consider.

Flyspain: http://www.flyspain.co.uk/paragliding-h ... -training/

Skyschool: http://www.skyschooluk.com/paramotor-tr ... n/lessons/

Whatever you do, don't skip on the training. Good, rigorous, syllabus-based courses are expensive, but this is aviation and has too many risks to mess around with. You get what you pay for, so "cheap" courses, I've found, can turn out to be very expensive in the long run.

On kit, the general consensus is that you shouldn't buy any kit until you've completed you're training. I would add that you shouldn't buy any kit at all until you've got independent advice from some good, friendly, helpful pilots who have nothing to sell you. The kit you mention is a good start. I've personally been very impressed with PAP, Bulldog, Miniplane, Parajet (the lighter models) and have an Air Conception Ultra 130 myself (apologies to those very good paramotor brands I haven't listed). On wings, I've found that you really can't go wrong with Paramania or Dudek. I have an Apco myself and have been very disappointed with it. Having said all that, on kit, make sure you meet up with some pilots and have some good one-to-one discussions.

Feel free to send me a PM is you have any questions.

Hope this helps.


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