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Parajet Zenith Thor200 on eBay


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A bargain???

That's assuming the engine does not melt its piston like many of the other Polini 200 Thor lumps.

Those engines are not even reliable enough to put in a lawn mower let alone a Paramotor.

Good luck to whoever buys it.


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That may be the case. However... based on a small sample from our area, out of 6 people with this engine only 1 has still to go pop! I recon this will happen as soon as it's been flown enough.

That's not factoring in the ones that Clive tested for the Bulldog many many moons ago (which had the exact same issue)

There is an undeniable problem with this engine and I have no idea why people accept them as a product fit for use.


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You have just totally put anyone off buying this machine.

I have a Thor 200 and totally love it. 900 machines out there at the minute.

If my Paramotor was pinched the replacement would be a Thor 200 at this present time.

Ive had issues with my Thor.all down to ME not knowing what I was doing with carberation.

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Cheers SW

I took this 30kg Zenith Thor200 in as part exchange for one of my 22kg Moster Air Conceptions. As one of my customers I know the history of this machine.

While running on the PWK it has had issues and been sent back to Polini where they fitted an updated piston, thicker gasket, reed valve stoppers and also they replaced the PWK with a walbro carb which are proving more reliable.

The PWK has leaning issues mid range. The walbro is now tuned to suit the thor200 and runs well.

The engine has had full service and tune from Polini, still under warranty till Jan 2014

I think it will be a bargain, as this over £6k parajet zenith machine will be going to the highest bidder.

I have friends who stand by their thor200 machines, many issues are now sorted.

Not for me as I like my 19kg machine but I can say this Thor has a lot of power and would suit a larger pilot. I'm 85kg and the Thor is ideal for 95kg plus pilots.

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Cripes! I didn't know it actually did have problems (other than being 30kg) LOL

Maybe adding this to the listing on e-bay will encourage bidders? knowing its been back to Polini. :-)

Did it come back with a locked down carb?


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Yes the carb has a special cover on the jetting adjustments. It allows some tuning adjustment but limits by how much. The little black covers can be ripped off and a lot of pilots do that to fine tune their machines.

It is tuned and running well with the covers intact so no need to pull them off. I have enquired and the warranty is not void even if the covers are removed, I felt it best to leave them.

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