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Entire Parajet package for sale

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What really cuts Nige, is the business I spent 18 months building up with her, is now all her own apparently!?

Work that one out........

Anyways, open to offers on the whole package!

Time to be a bit devious then....

Sell the kit for what it's worth (about a penny??!!) to a friend. Buy it back for the same amount once the divorce is over! :wink:

Good luck.

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Here is a thought then.

If you were to advertise it on this forum for bids starting at £1 and you only get offered £1 how is that in any way illegal?

Of course the new owner would want you to keep hold of it for them and keep it airborne.


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Really sorry to hear the bad news. I know how you are feeling (my divorce is still dragging on) although I was lucky enough to be able to cling onto my Paramotor.

I know you have had offers to buy the kit for £1 & store it until things blow over. My new Girlfriend has plenty of storage too if you want to do something along those lines, maybe spread it around so it's harder to trace?

Or if there is anything else I can do to help in any way then give me a shout.


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I personally would work something out to keep something you love and thats not her lol

There is so many ways for your motor and wing to disappear.

Its a great way to enjoy something that will take you mind total off the stress of the shit in your life at any given time.

Don't sell the kit..... I don't see her selling the business.

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