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Ground handling


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Hey guys, I tried ground handling a new wing last night and got a really weird behaviour.

The wing would rise to 45 and then cartwheel clockwise and crash. The risers were set neutral and the lines were clear.

Paramania Revo 2 - 28m


what was the wind speed, were you definitely set up correctly? IE face straight into the wind, have you checked the wing with a visual inspection, no knots in lines, lines all in the correct position etc?

was the wind backing and veering?

were you close to anything that could cause mechanical rotor?

was it thermic?

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The same thing happened to me when ground handling with a new (slightly oversized) harness. As the wing came up, the harness slid round, making one riser effectively shorter than the other, causing the wing to cartwheel to one side. I adjusted the harness to stop this happening and the cartwheeling stopped. You may have a different issue but if you've checked the lines and they're ok, then it may be worth checking movement in the harness.

Hope this helps.


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