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I do a lot of TV / Film work with a lot of stunt men and they all without fail use go pro - for what we do, I agree, there isn't a next step up really. I have occasionally flown with an SLR camera to take some great stills but that's about it. Have you got a new go pro hero 3 black? It's pretty impressive!

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Just bought from Go-Outdoors for £150 - Veho Muvi NPNG Sports Edition camera. It has a 170 degree (fisheye) lens but has a digital zoom on its 720p setting which gives similar field of view as normal cameras. It has lots of features including a wireless remote with seperate start and stop buttons and a button for taking stills. Haven't tried it in flight yet but so far bicycle trials seem ok.


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Nice camera : http://vio-pov.com/products-all/pov-hd.html

No I dont have a Gopro 3, I have 2 Gopro 2's. Look they are awesome cameras but I have seen other vids from other pilots like :


Not done on a gopro I know they are using a camcorder. Really happy with the action cameras, as I said I just interested to see whats out there.

I know my next camera needs to have a remote, nothing worse than trying to edit 2gbs clips.

Anyone using a newish camcorder by any chance.. recommend any..

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I am Using a Gopro with various mounts, Helmet, cage and chest strap and I have a DSLR for stills and video when needed, it's a smallish Panasonic Lumix. The beauty of it is that you can change the lens as needed and keep it tucked away for take off and landing, either in a lap bag thing or around your neck on the strap and tucked under your flying suit or whatever.

It's equally good at video footage and is really simple to use, it's not freakishly expensive so I'm not paranoid about flying with it.

I'll post a link to some footage I took earlier this month when I can get You Tube to play ball.


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