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Thrust test UK


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Good morning Gentlemen / Women

Whilst at the Summer flyin in Oxfordshire, I was speaking with Whitters about how happy he was with his Bailey V5.

I thought to myself he will never have enough thrust to launch.

Not only did he launch, worse still people were telling me he was climbing out with speed and vigor.

I call upon all you dealers / enthusiasts. Please can someone in central England. offer the use of their thrust rig to test thrust and then weight. We can then publish the results to the forum

I think my beast is a thrusty one :o , but who knows until its tested.

Do you know of anyone with the equipment, who may be willing to host, on an ongoing basis

Would it be portable (a flyin could be a good place for a start)

Its also worth testing the same machine belonging to different people, as it will highlight a poor setup

Ultimately this will make choosing your next machine easier

Kind Regards


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Just goes to show you the Bailey V5 is not that underpowered as some claim.... :wink:

I have lent a V5 to a guy who was a die hard 2 stroke pilot. He is now going to buy the V5. His words... i have never flown a paramotor i trust as much as the V5.

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The implication being that it is only thrust that matters. There is so much more to it than that. I fly a machine with relatively little thrust, about 60% of my T/Os are in nil wind. I am very happy with my motor............ask yourself why?

Hi Christian,

Your technique for lift off is obviously good, well done! I am only trying to establish user experience of power to weight ratio.

You will on occasion come across some lift and enjoy the free ride up. However just outside the lift is sink.

when you are being drilled to the ground by sink and pull the throttle to full power, sometimes you wish you had more.

Kind Regards


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Simon, you are right, although I try very hard to stay out of those conditions. And the new generation of small wings also require more thrust. I still think that thrust is only one of the ingredients and not the most important, that go into making a good machine. On my list are.........


Fuel economy


Geometry of the machine.


and I am sure that there are others.

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