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Finding fellow pilots near me

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Hi every one i am new to the site but not new to paramotoring, my names mike and have been flying for a few years. I am looking for a person or a group that does not mind myself coming along to fly. I have a field to fly from but it just gets a bit samey when you go on your own every time. :dive: i have seen a few videos with groups camping in different areas of the uk and would like to get involved in these explorations.

If there is any one flying in and around Solihull Warwick lemington way then please feel free to come fly at my sight or i can come fly were ever you fly.

many thanks


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Hi Mike,

I know you posted this some considerable time ago but I'm curious to see if you managed to locate any pilots or group in your area. I'm a relatively novice paraglider part way through converting to PPG and live in Kenilworth. I have considerable fixed wing experience but this is a new sport to me. I'm about to invest in some paramotoring equipment. 

I don't have any access to any field at the moment but in fairness I haven't started looking. I do have access to some land up in Yorkshire on my wifes daughters farm but I really want to find some where local and preferably some like minded individual/s to fly with.




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