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Trying to buy a Revo 2 (M) 26

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So - buying a Paramania Revo 2 (M) here in Sweden has become a bit of a saga.

By way of background, I ordered one about a month ago from a dealer here in Sweden - a Medium in Fresh colours, which was the last one they had on the shelf. The dealer placed the order with Paramania and had payment to them 3 days later. After much faffing about over the last month with promises of tracking numbers and whatnot (he's showed me some of the correspondence) we still don't seem to be any further along the process apart from saying - ah, we sold the one you said you could have while the payment was working its way through the banking system, and now we're moving factory. He's said to me he won't hold it against me for pulling out at this point (and to his credit, he didn't ask me for a penny yet).

He also mentioned that he's had someone grounded waiting for a couple of lines for over a month, and worse still, one guy who is still waiting for an order from January (although I think that might be for a new product that they promised would be available shortly, but hasn't materialised - GTX 26 I think).

What makes it particularly irksome, is I ordered this so I'd have something to fly while my instructor is away (other instructors supervise, but I can't use their equipment), so I am missing some gorgeous flying weather, and, delaying my progress pretty significantly.

Bit of a longshot, but I am wondering if any dealers who read this forum have any in stock?

I figure the dealers are obviously all absolutely coining it and probably keep several 10s of thousand of quid worth of stock sitting on the shelf! (Like I said - longshot).

Or, alternatively, if anyone has a second hand one in decent nick?

Ideally in the colour scheme 'Fresh'.

I should also note that I am not looking for another brand (or even size) as I am severely limited in choice by the regulations in Sweden (needs to be certified in the right size, and, by one of the small subset of certification organisations they accept).


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