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Visiting the Isle of White

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Francis is your man :D

I am sure he will be in touch ASAP.

I have flown there before a few times, the cliff soaring is just fantastic! The last time I was there cliff soaring the ARMY were excivating a dinosoar from the cliff face! Awesome!

O and I will be up for it again of course!



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Hi Tracey. Have you checked out http://paramotorclub.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=746http://paramotorclub.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=746 ? I will join you on the fly in if you want to fly to the Island. Some fly in from the Lymington-Yarmouth end also.

You can get accomodation at Atherfield. It is a Campsite and a B&B holiday chalet complex. There are other campsites around also.

Atherfield is the centre of activity for PG and also PPG(what there is of it).

The field on the sea side of the chalets is the airfield.

When are you coming?

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