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potentially Dangerous Parajet reserve pouch


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I am recently bought a new Parajet Zenith that I am very happy with. I also bought a new parajet reserve pocket that replaces the standard pocket.

These are fitting using a zip with a velcro locking tab at each end, I had a problem about a week ago that I consider to have been very dangerous. The zip opened from the bottom up and was only held by about 1cm of zip and one of the velcro locking tabs. If this had come completely undone then I would have had an accidental reserve deployment.

I decided that I was not happy that it could happen again so i stitched the zip together at each end so that the zip could not undo accidentally. However I was flying this evening and upon landing I noticed that the zip had opened all the way round (Except the bits that were stitched) .

I am quite certain that had I not stitched the end of the zip it would have fallen off and deployed.

I am now going to stitch the zip all the way along so that it can never happen again. And I would suggest that any one else with this setup do the same.

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Just tie/stitch the zip slider so it cannot undo.

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Hi Pete,

As I said I had already stitched the zip at both ends, and it still opened. i.e. the zip split open leaving the zip slider stiched in place.

So I have now stitched the zip all the way along to prevent it opening at all. Of course I can easily cut the thread if I ever have to remove the reserve pouch.

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I have spoken to parajet who have been very understanding and would like to see photos of the problem so that they can investigate further.

They offered various was to sort mine out, but to be honest I am quite happy with it now being stitched all the way round.

The service I have had from parajet has been great, I just think on this particular issue that stitching it prevents any potential problem happening.

They will let me know after investigation if there is any thing that needs to be done or it it is just a faulty one.

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