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Question on freeflying paramania wings...

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I own a revo2 26m with a macro v2

I use the revo (110kgs AU) for freeflying in stronger conditions..how ever ot does seem to be a bit of a brick in these conditions. It handles wind okay but seems to lack corresponding lift (set at max slow trim) and also feels like huge drag (trying to push forward on the ground was hard work).

So the question is; woud the GTR or GTX perform better as freefly wings? I appreciate they are designed for ppg..but it fits well with my 28m pg wing and my aska 17m as a top end alternative.

Thanks for any info/ideas


Ps will there be any paramania wings to demo at the fly in? :D

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The Fusion is much more suited to PG and PPG. :-)

Many people on this forum have used the Fusion for PG and I use one for PPG.

Its a fair bit more dynamic than then Revo 2

I will have a 23, at the Fly-in, Pete B wil have a 26, Little Col will have a 20, and I am sure there will be a 29 somewhere :-)


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I have flown the fusion 26m on the ridge

I have also flown the GT20m Slalom21m speedster 24m 26m and 28m

All the Above wing are good in there own right but not as good as a dedicated PG until the wind gets up then they leave most if not all PG wings for dust..



Enjoy the silence


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Thanks mark, what was the wind speed there in the vid? Was out yesterday with the 26 revo in sub 18mph but very top end for pg. still found it hard to get decent lift and seemed to have more drag..had to push hard on the ground to move forward whereas couple others on small pg wings had no trouble.

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