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Sunset at 2000ft.


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I have just had a lovely quick flight to watch the sunset from 2000ft or so.

Massive wind gradiant at 2000ft, Even my Synth was making no headway, so I just made the decision that this was in fact a good thing and that I cound sit on tick over and watch the sunset.

Perfect end to a busy day.

A mate took a video of the launch and a few pics from the ground with a snazzy camara so they may be getting uploaded soon.


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Simular for me, work on Saturdays and my favorite head position is looking upwards. Today more so, stuck in a dusty old workshop feeling the rays of warm sunshine on my bod, with blue skies and low wind (blast and double blast)

See you all tomorrow and l will curse if this weather changes. :shock::shock::shock:

Home now, warming up and checking my motor for Sunday.

Mike :lol:

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Hi Slim and welcome to 2008 !!!

I'm praying that my other 1/2 may be well enough to let me out to play tomorrow, we thought her waters had broken today but if there are no contractions overnight then I'm hoping to "just nip to the shops for a pint of milk" with the motor in the car at some stage ;) should be ok as long as my mobile is switched on.

Baby is not due for weeks yet according to the calendar.

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