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Parajet Zenith netting

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After 6 months the netting on my Zenith is wearing out, does anyone else have this problem? did you repair it or buy new netting? The soft rope that threads through the spars show the most wear.

I think I saw spare netting on the Parajet site but it was at a crazy price, 500usd or something like that. :lol:

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Parajet asked me to send the photos of the netting :)

They also told me that you can plug any of these machines into any Zenith frame:

Bailey v5

Thor 130

Thor 200

Moster 185

Minari 180

Can you do that with a Bailey or bulldog frame? :lol:

Yes you can! But we only use engines that have proven (and keep proving) to be reliable.

Not rocket science to make different adapter plates. Big smiley so all good :-)

Just for reference, Bulldog Spirit netting with all fixtures and fittings = £57 including vat. Our draw cord is a wear and tear item which we gladly replace free of charge.

Bulldog not Bullshit ;-)

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This is how Clive manages to keep his prices low!!!!!!!! Child labour !!!

SW :D[attachment=0]ImageUploadedByPMC Forum1371729380.554173.jpg[/attachment]

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Now that's commercial sabotage! The sign on the door said No Photos!! ;-)

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