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Polini 130.....Any Feedback On This Motor Yet ?


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Its been out awhile now. I was wondering what every one thinks about it ?

Are there any problems with this motor that have come to light yet? Is the carb less 'adjustable' than the 200 and less prone to going out of tune?

I'm hoping to hear from those that have this unit in whichever frame..



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Our local parajet dealer has one, hopefully going to get to demo a Zenth with the 130 motor this weekend.

Agree with Pete after the 200 which has being a bit of disaster for polini and users, I see why people would be nervious going for a polini motor.

For whats it worth the 130 is based on there first model thor 100.

I have the thor 100 and its being pretty rock solid (bar the recent reed valve issue)

Again if I was buying one I would only take the walbro carb version.

One thing I will make sure when I am getting my next motor. What is the customer service like??

Polini's are rubbish.. fact.

I know they wanted all the users to go through the company they bought the motors from..

Just saying if they employed someone who actually listened and responded to users questions etc the polini paramtor story could have a very successful one.

Anyone know or heard down at the local post office what cc the new 2 stroke from bailey is meant to be!! Clutch or belt??


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With regards to service your first point of contact is the dealer you bought it off, they should sort the problems for you.

If you had problems with you car you would not take it direct to the manufacturer you would take it back to where you bought it from, I cannot understand why all those that have had problems are doing all the work/mods themselves.

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I have to agree with Pete here.

I would not have turned a spanner on any machine under warranty. I know Parajet are fairly loose about this (which is great for getting people back in the air quick)

But, the fact remains that it's a new motor, It's a big brand, and although there is a cost for Parajet to send the engines back and so on.... Thats there decision and cost for opting to using the engine (and continue to)

I dont know what the actual problem is with the 200 lump but I do know that everyone I know with one has seized. That far out strips any other engine in terms of numbers failing.

Think back to when everyone would rave about a new motor at a comp and 3 of them failing (it was like the biggest news for about a year!) Again a total guess, but I would say you could safely say 10 x that amount have failed.

I can not recommend the engine to anyone as it stands which is a shame because people seem to want it from spec (as you would!)

Clive Bunce of Bulldog fame tested the Polini before anyone else in the UK, exactly the same issues happend!! (this was pre entry into the Paramotor Market!)

My path would have been a returned engine followed by a replacement (different brand) engine.

I am soooooo glad I did not get one for our filming now!! Sorry to those who are stuck with one :-(


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On 02/12/2019 at 01:06, paraflyer17 said:

Bumping a very old thread...

Did the thor 130 turn out to be any good, and is it reliable? 

I have an option on a paramotor with this engine that's seems decent, but I can find very limited reviews or info on the engine.

I am also not great mechanically,  so would need something reliable.

Good motor with two downsides: weight and weaker pull start/flash starter spring. I have had one for two years only a broken pull start so far. I did buy a Polini replacement but also a non flash start for a small engine which will work with minor changes. 

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