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Icom,FDC Radio Microphone Problem

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Hi Guys, I cant' seem to find a lot of info on the net about this problem but have noticed on a Icom 40 GX and a Icom 40s that when I press the PTT switch the person with the receiving radio can hear the carrier signal engaging but not the spoken words. I have tried two different helmet/headsets and the two icoms and a FDC-890,all are uhf CB. Anyone with ideas?

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Hi and welcome to the Paramotor Club! :-)

Our resident radio geek is Alan_K who I am sure will not be able to resist helping you with this :-)


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Which headset/helmet assemblies are you using?

There are two different 'standards' with these, 'Icom' and 'Kenwood' compatible.

The Kenwood has been followed by a lot of the far eastern radios on the market.



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It looks like you have tried the usual two suspects, the S001 and the K001.

I can only suggest you make use of the Loescher offer of

'we produce customer request adaptorcables, please just ask!'

Tell them you have the Icom 40 GX and se what they can come up with.

If you are still stuck I will try and find details of the Icom 40 GX connections, I need to find the service manual to give me the data.

Cheers, Alan

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