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Which torque wrench?


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Right, it looks like I'm going to need a torque wrench. I've just started out with my first motor (a fairly old Rad Arrow), and I was going through my pre-flight check before I went flying on Saturday (great first flight by the way :D ) and realised that it is pretty tricky to check prop bolts etc. with any accuracy without a torque wrench. However, my prop has four M6 bolts which torque up to 6Nm, and one M10 which torques up to 50Nm. Most torque wrenches within my price range don't cover this wide a range. Does anybody have any recommendations or ideas?

I was wondering about getting a small 6Nm torque wrench (like the ones you use on bikes) just for the prop bolts (like this one http://www.bicyclehero.com/gb/superb-tb ... tAoddRsARA) and then a 'normal' torque wrench for the rest of them. What do you reckon?

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I can strongly recommend Norbar torque wrenches, although the closest in the range would be 8-50nm so unless your happy doing the prop bolts to 8nm (I would) you'd need to get two separate wrenches as you said.

These are top quality tools!


Tom :-)

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