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Throttle/Toggle conflict

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I'm not sure if I have malformed hands, or if its simply a case of ineptitude, but I am having trouble holding the throttle and the brake toggle. The main issue is that if I hold the brake with just my index finger, it gets really tired after about 10 min. Not only that, but it starts to get painful! The tiredness/pain is resolved if I use two fingers, however, this results in the brake toggle getting in the way of the throttle lever (which obviously is a big problem).

My question is, do other pilots encounter this problem? Do you have solutions?

I found the Cameleon Throttle http://www.mycameleon.fr/

which looks like it could solve my problem but it is pricey. It is a throttle that is actuated by your index finger instead of your 'little fingers'.

As reference, I have a Kangook Paramotor with the standard Kangook throttle, and a Nemo2 Glider with the TCH (triple comfort handles) which obviously aren't tripley comfortable :P Perhaps I should remove the rigid tube inside the handle?

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I've had similar problems with a conflict, but generally have them sorted now. Glad to report no pain though!

I strap the throttle on first (obviously) and tight enough so I can completely relax my hand without my subconcious worrying about it "falling off". It has taken some getting used to, but now is second nature. The throttle I operate with just my two small fingers.

The brake I initially locate across all four fingers, not by the handle (the bottom of the triangle) but by one of the sides, with the brake line facing upwards towards the wing. I carefully "tuck it" behind the throttle so that it doesn't easily move in the excitement of a launch. However, I'm careful to position the brake so that I can always contact the kill-switch with my thumb in the event of an abort.

So both throttle and brake are quite snuggly fitted to my hand so that I can't easily drop either. Of course, once airborne I can free the brake handle and operate with just a finger or two, or park the brake safely on the riser.

To add the final confusion, of course in a forward launch I need to hook the A's with my thumb too. These are very carefully positioned so as to be completely free, but also tucked out of the way enough should I need to kill the motor and abort before even getting the wing up overhead...

With practice it is becoming second nature - I've found what works for my sized hands and winter gloves - but I agree it is not natural at first, and there's very little guidence (except my long suffering instructor...)

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It might also depend on heavy the brakes are on your wing. I have quite an old Ozone Roadster. I do exactly the same as Bingreed, except I tuck the side of the brake handle over my two smallest fingers. Less chance of anything interfering with the kill switch. It has always worked a treat.


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