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Stupid mistake, need a propeller repair. Can anyone help?


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Hi all,

I want to share my stupidity with you. I was going to train starts and landings yesterday. I have assebled my paramotor and was going to heat the engine up. Stupidly I did not check for all loose objects so my reserve carabiner was sucked in my prop. :(

Lesson learned, always check for loose objects.

Anyway, as I'm not very handy with resins and repairs, please does anyone know some propeller specialist who can fix and balance the damaged propeller for me? It is three blade prop.

Please see pictures for the damage.

Thank you.






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Hi Mirov

That does not look too bad to me..

I normally use a guy call james.. I cant give you his number as my Iphone has just gone down...

If you want to drop it off to me i will have a look for you and if i can will repair it for you FOC If i can.

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Thank you guys.

I got it repaired in Slovakia by the guy who manufactures propellers so he was able to re-balance it and check the structure for me. In the meantime I bought a spare prop as I believe eventually I will need it anyway... Considering the fact, I'm still learning.. :)

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