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Sending a paramotor by courier

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I have found a motor that I'd like to buy (it'll be my first motor), but it's up in the North West and I live in Somerset, so it's far too far to drive to pick it up. I know some people send their paramotors by courier when they get them serviced/fixed, so does anybody have any direct experience of this? I need a bit of advice!

Also, the guy who's selling it says that the cage has been welded at the base, so it can't be fully dismantled. Does anybody know of a courier who would be willing to deliver it 'whole'?

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Unless he's giving it away I wouldn't buy a paramotor without seeing it first. If it's been welded there's a fair chance it's had a smack. Is there a link to where it's for sale you can post?

My first paramotor had its frame bent by UPS despite it being properly packed in a wooden crate so I doubt you'd want to send anything which isn't completely broken down and packed away (not that they'd take it like that anyway).

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